We build cutting-edge social, mobile and web apps.

We know how to
deliver results.

We are


We love solving problems, innovating and building apps!

We have a REAL passion for solving problems.


Products, not projects

Applications don't just get built, they require improvement to meet changing needs and updates to stay current with technologies. We treat applications as products and help you iteratively determine a lifecycle strategy that meets your needs. This is why we are big fans of agile methodologies as well as lean startup principles. As the world moves fast, we need to produce measurable results just as fast. And we are all about results.


Talent + Dedication

We are two people - a couple to be exact. We started Tapangi in the summer of 2011 because we thought there was a better way to do business. The word “Tapangi” means to help (in a rare Palauan language). And that is what we do.

Piotr (aka Peter) is an experienced software professional with a passion for product development. He possesses comprehensive skills in architecting, designing, building, launching and maintaining applications. His broad experience with consulting has made Piotr into an effective technical coach and he enjoys mentoring people through the software product development process. He evangelizes best practices (TDD, BDD, CI, XP, etc) and advocates for open industry standards and open source software. The non-geeky stuff: Piotr a Polish native with a love for languages and travel. He daydreams of opening a scuba shop somewhere near the equator.
Liz is an practiced leader and a veteran product manager focused on web application development. She has been guiding and growing effective product teams for over a decade. She has refined her skills in variety of environments including federal and local governments, the travel and marketing and non-profit to name a few. Being an amateur developer, Liz has an innate ability to understand technology just as well as she understands business and people.

Recently, Liz started organizing Rails Girls DC, a local chapter in a global movement to teach women web application development with Ruby on Rails through fun-filled, hands-on workshops.